Our faith in Sun Paper never wavers

Credit: Foundation of Our Faith
The word Yanzhou implies credit (Er Ya). The Confucian doctrines have fostered Yanzhou, a land of credit, and this land of profound history and tradition gives birth to Sun Paper, a world-renowned Chinese enterprise, and Li Hongxin, an excellent entrepreneur combining Confucianism with modern business acumen.
It’s not easy to stick to the right path over long years, but Sun Paper has adhered to its main business despite all kinds of difficulties and hardships. Whether it’s the employees or the public, or talents and partners, what we value most in them is credit and inclusiveness. Everything we do is based on an unshakable cornerstone – credit.
Credit is the tradition and spirit of Sun Paper people. It reminds us of our ideal and urges us to stay true to our heart.
Credit is the passion and blood running in the veins of Sun Paper people. It drives us to eternal vitality through continuous innovations.
We grow because of credit and through innovation. Credit of Sun Paper is our common guide and action plan.
Rooted in history, Credit of Sun Paper is a crystallization of fine traditions. Based on the present, it is the most practical management guide. Oriented to the future, it is the most important strategic support.
Credit of Sun Paper lays down our fundamental goal, direction and principles, and clarifies what we should uphold, advocate and practice. It is the common beacon light we should all follow.
Credit of Sun Paper is a widely spread language that gives us a common voice;
Credit of Sun Paper is an embracing atmosphere that builds us a common home;
Credit of Sun Paper is the accumulated energy that creates us a common dream.
Believe it, practice it and honor it – that’s called faith.
The foundation of our faith is CREDIT. 
Our Mission------A Happy Sun Paper for All
Our Vision------To grow into a sustainable and respectable world-class conglomerate
Corporate Spirit-----Credit & innovation; integrity & creativity
Our Core Value------Believe in credit; practice innovation 

12 Rules of Sun Paper

Rule 1 Honesty & credit
•       Dedicated to the job and duty
•       Honor commitment without compromise
•       Make solid efforts and keep things and relations simple
•       Company credit outweighs interests
Rule 2 Innovation & reform
•       Improvement is innovation
•       Strive to be No.1 in the new direction
•       Encourage and reward innovation
•       There is no future in following in others’ steps.
Rule 3 Farsightedness & Vision
•       Have a long and international vision
•       Make the best of every opportunity; always take a step ahead
•       Control your own fate; create your own future
•       Learn from the best; do our best
Rule 4 Responsibility
•       Dare to take responsibility; make no excuse
•       Think and act proactively
•       Be decisive, be proactive, be result-oriented
•       Able to bear hardships; never give up, and never accept failure
Rule 5 Safety
•       Be responsible for family, for oneself
•       Never count on luck for safety. Start with oneself in preventing safety hazards.
•       All accidents are preventable and have their root in management problems.
•       Leaders bear top responsibility for safety.
Rule 6 Cost-effectiveness
•       Make full use of resources.
•       Always find room for cost control.
•       Make every penny count.
•       Less cost, better quality.
Rule 7 Spirit of craftsmen
•       Be meticulous; make exquisite products
•       Good efforts result in good quality, good quality builds up good brand.
•       Stay focused, and strive for the best
•       Ask one more time: can I do it better?
Rule 8 Environmental protection
•       Be responsible for the society; work from the source
•       Make green development a competitive edge
•       Whole-process control, circular and recyclable
•       Leave future generations with the blue sky
Rule 9 Personal growth
•       Virtue, competence and diligence
•       Build a talent echelon, provide path for career growth, and create professional prospects
•       Hire the best people, give them the largest space for career growth and focus on the result.
•       Be tolerant of honest mistakes. Never let down those willing to contribute.
Rule 10 Teamwork
•       It’s always us at Sun Paper.
•       Share experience and development. Help others to help ourselves.
•       It’s not a successful team if one member fails.
•       Learn to respect and inspire others.
Rule 11 Standard & efficient
•       Work is divided, but management has no boundary.
•       Work efficiently and in a standard way
•       Data and facts speak louder.
•       Flat structure, simple procedures
Rule 12 Common destiny & win-win relation
•       There is no Sun Paper without customers.
•       Reward customers with more than enough values.
•       Customers are partners. Their satisfaction is our golden rule.
•       Lead in the market, and help customers succeed.