A beautiful life at harmonious Sun Paper


Insisting on "people first", Sun Paper has made unremitting efforts over the years to achieve benign interaction and harmonious development between the enterprise and community. By organizing the "Public Open Day", it has blazed out a new path for the enterprise and local area to jointly build a harmonious community. Sun Paper organizes representatives of community members to visit the company irregularly, listens to their ideas and suggestions, and holds cultural performances in the community on traditional holidays to enrich their cultural life. It also hands out publicity brochures in communities and schools to help the people better understand the company. Sun Paper provides summer internships for students and teachers, which not only broadens the students' knowledge scope, but also enriches the teachers' teaching skills. So far Sun Paper has formed friendly relationships with Yanzhou No.6 Middle School, Dongfang Middle School, Junmin School and Yanzhou No.1 Middle School. These efforts are aimed to tighten the connections between the enterprise and society and enable them to find together a path of sustainable development integrating economic and social benefits. 

Sun Paper and Wujia village of Xinyan town implemented the "village and enterprise in one" program. In 2007, Sun Paper invested RMB75 million in Wujia village's relocation and renovation and built a high-standard new community for the villagers, largely improving their life.