Global Sun Paper is committed to environmental protection

Promote corporate transformation and upgrade with technological innovation

Sun Paper cooperates with excellent international companies such as Metso and Andritz as well as domestic colleges and research institutes including Shandong University, South China University of Technology, Shandong Pulp and Paper Engineering Research Center and China Technical Association of Paper Industry. They have jointly developed multiple world-leading technologies. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, by pursuing scientific and technological innovation and eliminating backward production capacity, Sun Paper used wood pulp to produce all the raw materials it needed, strongly boosting the upgrade of products. So far, its coated paper, card paper and cultural paper have led the world in terms of fresh water consumption, with 4m3, about 5m3 and 3-5m3, respectively. Scientific and technological innovation has helped extend the industrial chain of the circular economy and reduced the discharge of pollutants. 

Promote energy conservation and emission reduction through clean production. Sun Paper conducts clean production review and big data analysis, tightens comprehensive control over the process, equipment and personnel management, monitors the whole process from raw materials to products, continues to improve the resource and energy utilization efficiency, and minimizes the emission of pollutants.

It also advances sustainable development by deepening the end-of-pipe treatment. As to wastewater treatment, it has built the 80,000m3 comprehensive water treatment system to ensure the safety of south-to-north water diversion. Meanwhile, as supportive facilities, anaerobic biogas power generation and semi-dry paper mill sludge workshops are built to convey dried sludge to the biomass boiler for power generation. By so doing, solid waste is reduced and high-yield utilization of pulping and papermaking resources achieved. This project is listed a clean production demonstration project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, of high value for demonstration and promotion on the whole. As to waste gas treatment, it deepens air pollution control, and takes the initiative to make ultra-low-emission transformation to reduce the impact on the atmosphere. Deep treatment and breakthroughs are conducted to ensure the ultra-low emission into the atmosphere.