TROPICANA Coconut Mahaad Lakoocha Whitening Body Lotion

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The body lotion with Mahaad (Lakoocha) extract is highly penetrated to skin with non sticky feeling and enhances naturally brightened skin. Yoghurt extract and vitamin B3 help smooth and moisten skin, reduce skin dryness and roughness, suitable for all skin types.

Mahaad Extract (Lakoocha)

Mahaad (Lakoocha) has oxyresveratrol which helps reducing dullness and enhances smooth and brighten skin.

Yogurt Extract


Amino acid ,Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and Natural Lactic Acid are nourished for healthy and moisten skin, enhance skin smoothness and glow.

Coconut Oil

nourished with vitamin E and phytosterol which help for delicate and soft skin.

Shea Butter

enhance natural skin moisturizer and help to delighted skin.

Cacoa Butter

Enhance natural skin moisturizer. Natural vitamin E and oil help for long lasting moisten and smooth skin.


Vitamin B3 helps reducing skin blemish and enhances radiant and moisten skin.