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L-Cysteine is a popular compound for skin whitening and also other skin problems such as blemishes,acne and scars

This product is originally come from Japan. (100 % genuine)

180 Tablets / bottle  (Suitable for 1 month supply)

Ingredients: (Based on 6 tablets/day)

Vitamin C                  600 mg (Suppress melanin generation, decompose and

discolor generated melanin)


Natural Vitamin E    100 mg (Prevent increase of peroxide which is the cause

of melanin's disorder generation, promote skin circulation, accelerate evacuation of generated melanin, finally resulting in sunburn, stain, and

freckles relief)


L-Cysteine            160 mg (Promote skin renewal and evacuation of melanin)


Vitamin B2              15 mg (Promote skin renewal)


Vitamin B6             10 mg (Promote skin renewal)


Adults (15 +)

Twice / day (after meals) with warm water 2-3 tablets / time.


11-15 yrs old

Twice/ day (after meals)  with warm water 1-2 tablets / time.

Not recommend for age under 11

Expired Date: 2013-10

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